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Tax Preparation

Tax preparation is a complex and time-consuming process, requiring attention to detail and knowledge of the ever-changing tax laws. For this reason, many people choose to hire a tax professional to ensure their taxes are prepared accurately and on time.

Tax Planning Services

Tax planning is an integral part of any financial plan. At Xperience Taxes, we offer comprehensive tax planning services to help you maximize your deductions and minimize your taxable income.

Back taxes

Back taxes are taxes that were not paid on time and are now due to the government. If you owe back taxes, you may be facing significant financial penalties and interest charges.

Tax Problem Resolution Services

Tax problems can be stressful and overwhelming. We provide tax problem resolution services to help you navigate the complexities of the Internal Revenue Service and resolve any outstanding tax issues.

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Service Price Duration Category
W-2 30.00 0:15 Amendments
1040-X 50.00 0:15 Tax Planning Services
1098 50.00 0:15 Amendments
1099 50.00 0:15 Tax Preparation

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